by Hunter Johns

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released December 25, 2013



all rights reserved


H. Johns Saratoga Springs, New York

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Track Name: Rust
I told your mom that we got high
And snuck into your dad's basement
She just told me to go fuck myself
She don't want me to ruin a poor old women's health

I took all the trophies in your room and
I pretended that they were mine
It took me about forty seconds until
I remembered who I was inside

I drove your car through your garage
I probably moved your house around a little bit and
I told you that I messed around and you left
Track Name: Junky Hitman
Your twisted heart's got me on the fence
Your twisted mind keeps me in suspense
Talking from up high has got me down
But that still wont get out of this town

He figured it out, he was put to sleep
Junky Hitman got him on the cheap
Talking from up high has got me down
Talking from below keeps me off the ground

I went to the meeting the other day
They told me exactly what I should say
"I'm sure I don't know a thing,
About the Junky Hitman that they bring."
Track Name: Huckleberry
It's getting late
Your show wasn't all that great
Why can't we get along
This won't hold up for long
The city sky turned grey
That's what I learned today
We missed the bloom this year
We'll try again next, and we'll get there next time

Huckleberry Finn can't tell me how to win
Just act like you've been here before
Fore they kick you out the door

Another life goes dark
Without leaving a mark
See the kid who didn't make the team
He'll try again next time, and he'll get it next time
Are you still on the phone?
Shut up, and find a home
We don't always rhyme, I know it
But maybe just this time we can, maybe this time
Track Name: Home
Remember When we used to go
For days behind the wheel
New York Thruway seemed the place
I would go when I died

Remember When you told me son
Imma pack my bags I'm on the run
I believed you then and I believe you still
When you told me boy I've had my fill

How I wish I was home
Cause i don't know where to go
Creep around our old and empty house
Not married to the ideas that I espouse

I know you could get away from this
Drink yourself to death to away from me
Maybe we'll meet down the road
Four, maybe five years left to go

Imma keep moving till I come home
Its you who's on your own
I'll explode, I'll disintegrate
God forbid you're too late

How I wish I could roam
I've stayed far too long at home
Silk chains around my neck
It won't be my home that I will wreck